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Wrench Types

By   /   February 15, 2012  /   1 Comment

Everybody has their favorite wrench. Let’s begin with the most common types of wrenches available and of course every wrench aficionado will recommend certain types. Some recommend a whole set of wrenches made by companies that offer lifetime warranties, like the revered Craftsman, Kobalt tools, and Snap-on wrenches to name a few.  Top brand companies usually offer a lifetime warranty.

Adjustable wrenches

The adjustable wrench is the most common of all wrenches. It is one of the most important wrenches a mechanic, a plumber, a carpenter or a home maker carries in their tool box or tool chest. They can vary is sizes too. Some of the adjustable wrenches can fit in the palm of your hand and some look as though only a body builder would be able to lift them let alone use it. Those are the types that big burly firefighters use to turn the water hydrant.

Torque wrench

The 21 century is all about the torque. Gone are the days when the mechanic put all his might and sometimes brought down their whole weight when trying to loosen the wheel nut when changing a flat. Due to the introduction of fiberglass and high performance materials used to build vehicles now, everything works around the right amount of torque. The tightening has to be snug not super tight.

Allen wrenches

Allen wrenches go by Allen keys and they are also known as hex heads which as you know means six sides. They are used on fiberglass bicycles to tighten those special nuts and bolts. They are usually used on assembling do it yourself furniture pieces. Hunters use them on their guns and archery equipment such as bows.

Monkey wrenches

These are the types that you see fire fighters use on fire hydrants. The jaws are smooth and of course adjustable. Any nut or bolts that are six sided can be loosened by this wrench unless the nut or the bolt has been tightened by a torque gun.

Impact wrench

Impact wrenches are wrenches that are powered by compressed air, electric and hydraulic. They are also known as torque gun too.  They are used on a lot of the nuts and bolts that are on automobiles today. If you visit any of the tire shops or a garage you will definitely find one. It does twice the work in a fraction of the time required to loosen a nut on a tire or a nut on the chassis.

Oil filter wrench

Oil filter wrenches are special because they are designed to grip an oil filter that is cylindrical in shape. These days most oil filter wrenches are made of polymers because they grip and don’t mar the oil filter. Before the polymers came into play, oil filter wrenches were made of rubber, leather or chains.

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