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Boeing Phantom Badger

By   /  June 4, 2013  /  Posts, Special Purpose, Trucks, Utility Trucks  /  Comments Off

"Boeing Phantom Badger"

The U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) issued proposal V-22 ITV to address a specific problem the military’s Special Forces have been having: The V-22 Osprey Tiltrotor is an aircraft that acts like a plane in flight, but it can turn its propellers upwards to move like a helicopter, enabling “VTOL,” Vertical Take-off and Landing. The […]

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Jeep RESQ1

By   /  May 21, 2013  /  Off Road Trucks, Posts, Special Purpose, Trucks, Utility Trucks  /  Comments Off

"Jeep RESQ1 drawing"

Jeep RESQ1 Discount Tire and Jp Magazine are working together to build a promo vehicle they can bring to off road events, but it will be more than just a show piece. Together with Fullerton, California’s Off Road Evolution, they are creating a support vehicle that has the capability to reach broken down off road […]

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Latvian Carmaker Dartz Carves a Successful Armored Niche

By   /  April 13, 2012  /  Heavy Duty Trucks, Posts, Special Purpose, Special Purpose, SUVs, Trucks, Utility Trucks  /  Comments Off

"Dartz Prombron Black Dragon Special Edition"

The latest armored vehicle model built by the innovative Latvian manufacturer is intended for the Chinese market, hence the Oriental dragon motif. This vehicle is basically an armored truck or military-style vehicle, and it registers a commanding presence, admittedly devoid of any grace, as it dominates whatever road it can conceivably travel. Its manufacturer is […]

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